Global Coin: Facebook to launch their crypto currency in 2020

Global Coin: Facebook to launch their crypto currency in 2020


 On the crypto currency market,

a very strong and powerful competitor is coming. We are talking about Facebook and its Global Coin that will be talked about for a long time and many people are already ready to bet on it, as if they were on, given the ease of circulation given by social networks such as Instagram, Facebook itself and Whatsapp.

But what do we currently know about Global Coin? First of all, unlike the Bit Coin, it should be a stablecoin, i.e. one of those virtual currencies subject to little or no volatility. Facebook is known to launch its products after long and thorough industry studies. So it should come as no surprise that your cryptocurrency should follow in the footsteps of other proven and successful payment methods. To name just two of the many examples, the Steem Dollars used by Seetmit, precisely and the Linden Dollars already famous in the early 2000s on the legendary platform Second Life.

Not being a small community of encryption enthusiasts, but a social network frequented by billions of users worldwide, Facebook before launching their crypto currency had to endure a good deal of institutional meetings. These included those with the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney and officials of the Treasury of the United States, who asked for reassurances about the introduction of anti-money laundering regulations that is the real great fear of Governments when talking about crypto currencies.

Although in Menlo Park no statements have yet been made about this, it is almost certain that Global Coin will rely on blockchain technology, given that Facebook has invested in a specialized company. But it will be a private or permissioned blockchain, in other words the social network will be the one to manage the number and spread of nodes, thus establishing the governance of the network. On the other hand, the bitcoin blockchain is going to be public, or permissionless: anyone can access it, there are no owners and it cannot be controlled by a single individual. This is a big difference.

According to what Facebook has leaked to date, GlobalCoin is expected to be released in a few dozen countries by the third quarter of 2020. In addition to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, India will also be among the target countries, where an experiment on WhatsApp has already allowed making payments directly through the app. The goal of Facebook, in fact, is obviously to have its users use GlobalCoin to make purchases or to send money to their friends directly on the social network.

Facebook is apparently already moving to close trade agreements with the exchanges, the online platforms where crypto currencies are exchanged. Mark Zuckerberg’s men allegedly contacted Coinbase, possibly the most used exchange in the world, and Gemini, the platform created by the Winklevoss twins. Those who have seen the movie “The Social Network”, which tells about the birth of Facebook, know very well the story of the two Winklevoss twins who accused Mark Zuckerberg of having copied his social platform from their idea. For the new project, however, both Facebook and the Winklevoss twins seemed to have buried the hatchet in order to create GlobalCoin.

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Get Cash For Your Crypto Without Ever Selling

Get Cash For Your Crypto, Without Ever Selling


As a crypto holder, you can easily get fiats for your crypto

without selling your coins. This is made possible by crypto lending platforms. These platforms give you fiat loans when you offer your crypto as collateral. On repaying your loan and interest, these platforms return your crypto holdings to you. Crypto lending has proved to be an effective method to swap crypto for fiats, more so when the crypto market is plagued with volatility.

Some of the leading crypto lending platforms are:


Launched in 2013, BitBond is a regulated financial institution. The platform has issued business loans to more than 150,000 borrowers across the globe. These virtues poise it as one of the most trustworthy and reputable crypto loan providers. Depending on your creditworthiness and how long you have used BitBond, loan approval periods range from instantly to 14 days.

Advantages of taking a loan from BitBond include,

  • The platform does not need any collateral
  • BitBond is well-reputed
  • Offers businesses quick bitcoin (BTC) loans

Nonetheless, all loans interest rates that start from 1 percent per month. On top of this, there is an origination fee of 2-3 percent. The maximum loan limit of $25,000 is relatively low and the platform does not support crypto-backed loans. Although the firm does not need you to have a good credit score to approve your loan, it requires that you link your business accounts to its platform. It assesses how much you are eligible for by checking your business’ cash flow.


Headquartered in Santa Monica, xCoins offers secured bitcoin (BTC) to individuals that seek to buy the coins using credit cards. In so doing, the platform helps its users circumvent the difficulties associated with buying BTC using PayPal or credit cards. Registered xCoins’ users can borrow or lend BTC. Upon making a borrowing request, the service links the matches the request with a lender automatically. This option lets you make money on your BTC holdings without selling them. The borrower sends you the agreed sum of fiats plus interest. Once you confirm the payment, BTC is sent to the borrower. When you need your BTC back you make a borrowing request and pay the agreed amount plus interest.

Advantages of using xCoins include,

  • The platform lets you buy back your BTC using PayPal or credit cards
  • The service has low-interest rates

However, xCoins charges an origination fee, which is deducted from the loan amount.


BlockFi launched in New York two years ago. The platform scaled the heights of the bitcoin loan sector due to its services and the support of Anthony Pompliano. It offers loans in US Dollars and accepts BTC, ETH or LTC as collateral. On top of lending, BlockFi also has interest accounts, which let you earn a 6 percent annual interest on your BTC and ETH.

The platform has several perks. These include,

  • A low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 4.5 percent
  • A huge loan limit of up to $10 million
  • Availability of BTC and ETH accounts

However, BlockFi has a 2 percent origination fee, which is deducted from the amount loaned to you. The site also has a fairly low Loan to Value (LTV) ration of 50 percent. On top of this, interest accounts have high standards for minimum requirements.

The bottom line

Today, there are more than 30 crypto lending platforms. These include CoinLoan, Nexo, Nebeus and Unchained Capital among others. However, the crypto sector has a lot of scams. To avoid being a victim of fraud, you must exercise due diligence and research a lending platform before giving away your crypto.

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Securities And Exchange Commission Releases Decision On Bitcoin ETFs

Securities And Exchange Commission Releases Decision On Bitcoin ETFs


.Bitcoin (BTC) has jumped back to the $8,000 mark,

bringing enthusiasm to the crypto community members. The recent rise in prices is bringing back the feeling of a potential bull run in the market, with many claiming prices may not return to the lows we saw at the beginning of 2019. Bitcoin (BTC) is again hitting the headlines in different aspects. Unfortunately, regulators and financial institutions are not seeing the benefits of cryptos just yet. Just a few hours ago, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to delay (again!) the decision on a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposal. According to a document released by the SEC, the approval or disapproval of Bitcoin ETFs would allow VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust to issue and list its shares. This decision has been requested several times by different parties, in an attempt to obtain the so wanted approval. Yet again, the SEC invited people and interested parties to submit comments. The new deadline for the Commission is set for August 19th, and it can be delayed once more for a final deadline of October 18.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the usual decision the SEC takes in regards to approval of Bitcoin ETFs. Every request submitted has been delayed for as long as possible, and then denied. The reasoning behind rejecting one request after the other relies on market manipulation claims, liquidity issues, links to financing of crime and terrorism and other issues. According to Dave Nadig, managing director of, the Securities and Exchange Commission could avoid making a decision for as long as they want. Although the SEC is actively seeking information and there are deadlines in place, they can keep on postponing it until finally rejecting it. It wasn’t all bad news though. As Nadig explained during his interview to CNBC, as the cryptomarket matures, regulators will get

more comfortable.

We’re at least a quarter out… and I think there’s still a reasonable chance for this year.

Regulators have been concerned with digital assets from the moment they represented a risk to financial stability, and yet they claim cryptos are also a relatively small size market, which could be why they refuse to approve an ETF. Perhaps 2019 will be the year for a Bitcoin ETF approval, although only time will tell. Stability in the market and defined regulations will play an essential role in order for this to happen.

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2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit Singapore Station Completed Successfully

2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit Singapore Station Completed Successfully


Although we are currently in a bear market,

the enthusiasm of the participants did not decrease. At this industry-leading forum Chain Plus, William Zhu, founding partner of The Blockchainer, also the host of this summit, reviewed and speculated the past, present, and future of blockchain finance area. With the welcome speech from Chia Hock Lai, President of Singapore Fintech Association, Nizam Ismail, the former regulator of MAS delivered a keynote speech titled ”How Regulators Have Responded to Facilitate Innovation, and How They Should Respond in Future”. Hongfei Da, founder of NEO and Onchain, Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian, Jun Li, Founder of Ontology & Co-Founder of Onchain gave amazing speeches and hold the product launch ceremony with Raymond Zhang, CSO of Onchain Custodian.

Excellent speech from Andrew Pudovikov, from Sberbank blockchain laboratory, shared“Enterprise Blockchain use cases in Sberbank”, Ouyang Yun, CEO of Goldlinks shared“Anchoring the crypto world”, Jack Li, CEO of Ontrade talked about “How to solve the existing problems with regards to the lack of altcoin liquidity and inefficient cryptocurrency markets?”, Piotr Jan Pietrzak from ING, delivered a speech about “Is blockchain the major next step in the evolution of payments?”, Yihao Zhang, head of marketing from Huobi Global, shared about “The future of premium tokens”. There were also some speakers shared their opinions for “Building the New Financial Ecology” including NGC, Hashkey capital, Cardano Foundation, EMURGO, TontineTrust, IBM, R3, etc.

Followed by a heated discussion named ”The Future of Blockchain and Financial Infrastructure ”, Mr. Tissa Jayaweerato, from Japan Asia Investment company ltd, Sunny Han, co-founder of Elastos, Leo Wang, CEO of Litex, Haidar Omais, chief marketing officer of Distributed eart?Rita Xia Havsholm, project advisor of Orient Walt shared their opinions. What’s more, the topic“The Management?Issuance and Trading of Digital Asset”was also a big show with following companies joined: Bit-Z, polymath, Satang Corporation, Remitano, Indodax, Bibox, Bitcoin Co. Ltd, Node Capital, Sri Lanka, P2P foundation, Maecenas, Securitize, HEG Fribourg, True Global Ventures, Onchain custodian, DBS bank, Standards Chartered bank, BitKan, Stellar, etc.

Thanks to these excellent speakers, companies, all media partners and the news release distribution partner —— PR Newswire, the 2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific blockchain new finance summit· Singapore station ended smoothly. According to statistics, this summit attracted more than 400 industry practitioners, including more than 40 traditional financial institutions,100 high-quality projects and more than 50 other investment institutions such as  OnTrade, OK group, InvestaCrowd, Taipan Investment, JLAB, JRR Crypto, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, DBS bank, Stellar, NEO, Ontology, Japan Asia investment co LTD, NGC, True Global Ventures as well as crypto exchanges such as Bitfinex, Indodax, Bit-Z and Unidax.

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Bitcoin Payroll: How to Obtain Your Paycheck in Digital Currency

Bitcoin Payroll: How to Obtain Your Paycheck in Digital Currency

Payment platforms are being designed for the new kid in town. Bitcoin payroll could very likely become a thing at a business near you.


Every day, there is fresh and exciting news in the world of bitcoin.

Just this week, communications giant AT&T announced that it will accept payments in bitcoin. Bitcoin is proving to investors and consumers alike that it is a legitimate store of value. Last year, many were predicting the cryptocurrency’s end. However, bitcoin has staying power and has doubled in price in 2019. With a growing number of corporations accepting bitcoin, many people are looking to their paycheck. Read on to learn more about bitcoin payroll. Explore how to get your paycheck in the popular digital currency.

Why Should Businesses Investigate Bitcoin Payroll?

The world’s younger generations are looking for a currency change. They have little experience with commodities like gold or silver. Many millennials are too young to remember when the U.S. dollar’s value was tied to gold. Also, millennials are skeptical about government currencies due to debt and manipulation fears. As a result, half of all millennials are interested in using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Of this group, over one-third prefers to use bitcoin over the U.S. dollar. Therefore, many companies are looking to attract talented millennials by paying in bitcoin. The question for employees is how to receive a paycheck in digital currency.

Does Your Company Already Offer Bitcoin Payments?

The first action is to find out whether your employer already pays people with digital currency. Some companies use services like to generate paystubs when they pay out in bitcoin. If they do not pay in digital currency, don’t be afraid to ask whether it is in their future plans. With bitcoin’s growing popularity, there is a good chance that they are moving in that direction.

What Options Are Available for Bitcoin Payment?

There are a few different options available to employers to process paychecks in cryptocurrency if they opt to implement a bitcoin payroll system and make payments in that currency. However, it is not likely that all a company’s employees are on board with that plan. Another option is to make payments in traditional currencies. Then, companies can provide employees with a mechanism to convert their cash to a digital currency. Finally, your employer can opt to take a combination approach. Typically, this means combining traditional payroll services with partial payments in bitcoin.

What Are Some Concerns Your Employer May Have?

Digital currencies fluctuate in value on a daily basis. If there is a significant price drop, your employer may run afoul of state and federal minimum wage laws. Another concern is that each company must follow standard accounting practices for tax purposes. Your company’s accounting team may not know enough to comply with cryptocurrency laws. For example, the government may treat bitcoin transactions as investments instead of traditional payroll.

Wrapping It Up

The world is quickly adjusting to the bitcoin craze. It does appear that employers can keep up with customer demand for digital currencies. Your best course of action is to ask your company’s Human Resources department for more information. Perhaps they already pay out in bitcoin or have alternate options. If you enjoyed this article about bitcoin payroll, check out our blog for other great content.

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Best Cryptocurrency Passive Income Programs

Best Cryptocurrency Passive Income Programs


The emergence of cryptocurrencies has ushered in new ways to earn extra money.

You can earn money as a trader or even through mining. However, passive cryptocurrency income is emerging as the perfect way to supplement your monthly income. To help you earn passive income, we have several programs that do the work for you. Generally, passive income happens when you invest your money and time. As the investment grows you will generate passive income. In this guide, we look at the best cryptocurrency passive income programs.

HODL Finance

HODL Finance is a European digital lending firm that issues loans backed by cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Apart from loans, HODL Finance allows users to passively earn extra income by depositing digital assets and earn interest.  To get started, HODL Finance will require you to select the stablecoin you would like to support. The platform has listed USDT and USDC with an option for other digital assets.

You will then provide the value of the stablecoin you would like to deposit, the amount and the period in months you would like to deposit the coins. The rates includes 3 months for 4% annual interest, 6 months for 6.5%, 9 months for 6.5% , 12 months for 7% and 18 months for 7.5%. All the interest is earned on a yearly basis. In the final stage, you will provide your name, country of residence and email address. The HODL team will then get in touch with if they have accepted your offer. Note that the company does not sell, buy or exchange cryptocurrency.  This is a perfect source of passive income for individuals who are not willing to sell their digital assets over a long term period.

Kucoin Shares

KuCoin shares (KCS) is a product of KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. KuCoin is among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges with a good reputation. The exchange allows holders of KCS to profit from the success of the exchange. The more shares you hold the more the dividends you receive. By the time of writing this article, one KuCoin share was selling at $1.07. The easiest way to make a passive income with KuCoin Shares is to buy the shares and hold. You may end up benefitting in the event the token price rises, especially during the bear market.

On the KuCoin Shares website, you will get a calculator to help you determine the profit you will earn from holding KuCoin shares. Before buying the shares, you will have to be a member of the KuCoin exchange. You can buy the shares by first depositing funds into your account. You can deposit cryptos or fiat through a credit card. To buy KCS, visit the exchange page, place a limit order by entering the price you are willing to pay per KCS token. You will then keep KCS in your KuCoin account. The KuCoin shares will be deposited into your account daily. The amount will vary based on how much money KuCoin has made from trading fees. Note that, KuCoin uses 50% of all trading fees to buy back KCS and redistribute it to holders.


Nexo is among the leading platform offering cryptocurrency backed loans. Recently, the platform launched a program that can be ideal for earning passive income. Nexo is offering a 6.5% interest rate on Dai, PAX, USDC, USDT, and TUSD stablecoins. The interest rate is compounded on an annual basis but all payments are done daily. Compared to traditional banks, this is a lucrative interest rate that guarantees you higher returns in the end. You can withdraw any amount at any given time. All the payments are automatic and you access the funds through the Nexo wallet.

According to Nexo, this program not only enables investors to earn some passive income, but it also helps in protecting the stablecoins. For Nexo loans, the platform supports popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Note that cryptocurrency loans can also be a source of passive income. If the value of the asset you are using as collateral goes up during the loan period, the borrower gets to keep the extra gains. You can end up with the same, or even more money after the loan has been repaid with interest. Furthermore, funds on Nexo are secured through asset-backed portfolios of overcollateralized loans. The collateral of each loan is subject to custodial insurance of $100 million offered by BitGo.


Decred a cryptocurrency that aims to solve blockchain governance issues. Creators of the asset want to make it an autonomous currency, run by its community. Decred is among the first assets to incorporate the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake at once. This means that miners and stakers both have the voting power to make decisions. In short, a holder’s opinion is of high value within the community. Based on its nature, holding the asset can have good returns in the long run.

You can make a passive income from Decred’s PoS ticket system. When you hold the asset, you qualify to purchase tickets. In the event your ticket gets drawn, you will get back the ticket amount with an additional reward. On the other hand, if your ticket is not drawn, you will still get back the Decred that was invested into the ticket. If you stake Decred, you can earn 10.47% in staking rewards while the monthly staking reward stands at 0.87%. Note that holders who participate in Decred’s decision-making get rewards for their efforts. Anyone can join the community due to sustainable funding and a resilient contractor model.


Over the years, passive income has been associated with other forms of online investments. With the growth of cryptocurrencies, passive income is steadily gaining popularity with new programs coming out. Cryptocurrency passive income is the easiest form of income for any crypto fan. Previously, mining was the best passive income channel, but the sector has become unprofitable. The highlighted programs have proved to be among the best when it comes to earning extra monthly income. However, just like any other cryptocurrency investment, conduct your research before putting money in any program. Additionally, you should be comfortable with losing the money you invest.

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How to Buy Litecoin in 2019 Preparing for the Litecoin August 2019 Halving

How to Buy Litecoin in 2019 – Preparing for the Litecoin August 2019 Halving


Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency

and open-source software project with similarities to Bitcoin. Litecoin is among the successful altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency deploys the same encryption techniques to transfer and create funds and to confirm transactions just like Bitcoin. Litecoin differs from Bitcoin since it has a larger amount of coins and it has faster transaction rates. Generally, Litecoin is a better version of Bitcoin but lacks brand awareness. Litecoin is currently trading at $89.00 by the time of writing this article with a market capitalization of $5,502,066,609. Since the beginning of 2019, Litecoin has shown strong performance making it a cryptocurrency worth investing in. The cryptocurrency world is gearing up towards Litecoin’s August halving. The halving is expected to have an impact on the value of Litecoin.

What is Litecoin Halving and Its Impact on Price?

Halving can be defined as the process where miner’s rewards are halved following a predetermined block. The halving feature was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. Halving protects cryptocurrencies from inflation. The process also ensures that not all the blocks are mined so soon. In August 2019, Litecoin is set to undergo its second halving. With Litecoin, we have only a total of 84 million coins that will exist. Note that the halving process happens every 840,000 blocks. Litecoin halving usually takes place after every four years. The last halving occurred in August 2015 when the network reached 840,000 blocks. The impact of halving is evident now since prior to the previous halving, Litecoin was trading at $3. Contrary to popular beliefs, halving does not affect miners only but investors as well. As the number of blocks is mined, mining becomes difficult translating to more resources. However, mining rewards decrease. As a way of tackling the decrease in mining rewards, the value of Litecoin increases as well.

How to Buy Litecoin In 2019

There are various ways of buying Litecoin in preparation for the August halving. However, before purchasing Litecoin, you need to prepare by having an appropriate wallet. You can get hardware or software wallet. Note that hardware wallets are the best for storing cryptocurrencies due to security reasons. Some of the popular hardware wallets to consider for your Litecoin is the Ledger Nano S and the TREZOR One. Popular software wallets compatible with Litecoin are Exodus and Jaxx. The Exodus wallet is compatible with the desktop while Jaxx is compatible with mobile devices. The most popular way of buying Litecoin is through cryptocurrency exchanges. Litecoin is gaining popularity, meaning that more exchanges are willing to list the cryptocurrency. Here are popular exchanges where you can buy Litecoin.

Buying Litecoin From Coinbase

Coinbase is among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally with a good reputation. On the exchange, you can buy Litecoin through various means. Coinbase accepts purchasing Litecoin directly through the use of a credit/debit card. You can also buy Bitcoin or Ethereum then trade it for Litecoin afterward. To get started, you need to create an account with Coinbase. Ensure the exchange is available in your area of residence. As part of the registration process, you will then need to confirm your identity by providing the necessary verification documents.

On Coinbase you can also buy Ethereum or Bitcoin then exchange it for Litecoin. To add your card, visit the payments methods page and select the ‘Add Payment Method’ button. You will then select ‘’Credit/Debit Card’. Note that to navigate this stage, your account must be fully verified. You will then accept the prompt explaining the pending charges. To proceed, log into your cardholder account and confirm the charges. You will then see a window that says “Credit/Debit Card Added’ and a ‘Buy Digital Currency’ button. You can now buy either Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum from the ‘Buy/Sell’ page.

Buy Litecoin On Binance

Binance is another leading cryptocurrency exchange. Despite the recent hack, Binance still has the confidence of the entire cryptocurrency community. On the exchange, you have to start by creating an account through the official website or the mobile application. To proceed, you will need to verify your account through a code sent via your email.

With Binance, you can first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum then exchange it for Litecoin. To start the process, you need to access the Binance Credit Card Page. You can also access the page by logging into your Binance account then click on ‘Funds’ and then ‘Buy With Credit Card’. You will then select the type of cryptocurrency you would like to buy and then enter your order amount. A second bar pops up with the total amount that you will incur. In the next stage, you will have to customize the amount you have selected. Binance allows you to buy any amount of Bitcoin using a credit card. You can toggle the base currency of your credit card between USD or EUR. The Total Charge section indicated is the payment to be made inclusive of the service provided and the handling fee.

Additional Information For Simplex

Binance has partnered with payment platform, Simplex to facilitate buying of cryptocurrencies using a credit card. To complete the transaction, you will have to provide additional information to Simplex. Once you fill out the necessary fields, agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy and then you can proceed. After verifying your account, click continue. You will then enter the necessary card information. Click on ‘Pay Now’ and you will then undergo ID verification. To verify your ID, Simplex gives you a number of options. You can take a selfie holding the card used to make the payment or upload your ID issued by the government. You can also use a passport, national ID card or your driver’s license. Note that the identification document should show your name and date of birth. If all the details are in order, you will have successfully purchased your Bitcoins or Ethereum. It takes about 30 minutes for the purchased cryptos to reflect in your Binance account. You can later exchange your Bitcoin or Ethereum for Litecoin.

Buy Litecoin on eToro

eToro is a leading cryptocurrency investment platform that allows you to buy and sell Litecoins for fiat currency. eToro is known to have a user-friendly interface alongside good customer support. Note that if you opt to use eToro you don’t actually need a Litecoin wallet. This is because eToro does not supply you the actual coins. eToro allows you to short a certain currency if you think its price will decline. If you do decide to use eToro for speculation purposes, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies can fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors. Additionally, note that trading cryptocurrencies are not under any EU regulatory framework.


Litecoin continues to shows its ability in the cryptocurrency world. The coin has a vibrant community alongside a strong development team that seeks to propel it to the next level. With the upcoming August halving, the value of Litecoin has the potential to increase hence the need to invest in the asset. We have different ways of buying Litecoin and the covered exchanges are ideal for getting your asset. Buying Litecoin with a credit or debit card is among the efficient methods available. The process is efficient and in most cases instant. It is important to consider the safety of your Litecoin by ensuring you store them in a secure wallet. Most preferably a hardware wallet. Exchange wallets are susceptible to hackings.

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Bitcoin continues to climb higher and is currently trading for just shy of 9000

Bitcoin continues to climb higher and is currently trading for just shy of $9,000.


Rising Faster and Bolder Than the Sun

The currency continues to impress us all with its recent string of price gains, which began in early April of 2019. At that time, the currency rose beyond the $5,000 mark, something many traders and enthusiasts thought they’d never see again. That means that at press time, it has nearly tripled its value in just two months from where it was in March.

2019 has certainly proven to be a solid year for the digital asset. Following consistent price drops in 2018 that saw the currency hitting the $3,500 mark in late November, bitcoin had ultimately lost more than 70 percent of its value since striking its all-time high of nearly $20,000 in December of 2017. Many crypto traders saw all their stashes disappear within 11 months; it was an ugly sight, and one that many believed would never be remedied.

However, things have ultimately turned around in 2019, with the currency striking a position that it hasn’t held in more than a year. The last time bitcoin even came close to $9,000 was during the summer months of 2018, and the last time it saw the $9,000 range was in February of that year. Despite all the good news, however, some analysts seem incapable of making up their minds regarding where bitcoin is likely to go in the coming weeks. One crypto blogger, Kevin Godbold, thinks a dead cat bounce is inevitable, and suggests that bitcoin could potentially take a nosedive sooner than we might anticipate.

He comments:

The buying probably caused the share price to move up. A little at first, but seeing the movement, others maybe started saying, ‘Bitcoin’s moving,’ and more buying happened. Because of that, bitcoin went higher, and the higher it went, the more the momentum speculators piled in. The more they piled in, the higher bitcoin moved. I think that description is the essence of what causes a dead cat bounce. Nothing has changed in the case for or against bitcoin, but speculation happened.

At the same time, another source claims that the bitcoin technical charts currently show the digital asset preparing itself to reach $10,000 in the coming weeks, virtually the opposite of what Godbold suggests.

Bitcoin’s Prospects Are Solid in the Distant Future

A recent panel of cryptocurrency experts – assembled by the finance firm Finder – predict that by December 2019, bitcoin will be trading for well over $9,600. This is good in the sense that bitcoin will spike further, but it’s a little disappointing that fewer rises will seemingly take place over the following seven months. At the same time, the panel also believes that the $20,000 mark hit in December 2017 will be surpassed at some point in the future.

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Bittorrent Files System BTFSTo Be Launched on 30th May

Bittorrent Files System (BTFS)To Be Launched on 30th May

The market saw an unprecedented growth of Bitcoin,

where BTC value reached around $8700 and it is seen as the BTC will cross $10,000 mark very soon. With this BTC rise, all the exchanges and coins are gearing up to face the upcoming Bullish market.

The founder of Tron,  ‘Justin sun’, announced on his social media blog that BitTorrent file system(BTFS) will be launched on 30th May (PDT). According to him,  BTFS will be the largest P2P storage network with close to 100 million BitTorrent user nodes, 1000 TRON full nodes, 27 SR nodes, and global TronGrid nodes. Also, BTFS is the first scalable decentralized storage system Let me tell you, TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol. It aims to built a worldwide free content entertainment system with the blockchain and distributed storage technology.

A few days ago, Justin sun has also announced the launch of BitTorrent token on Tron Ecosystem in Q2. BitTorrent, which allows a content creator to connect with the audience, and to earn and spend money without a mediator. By having BitTorrent, 100’s of millions of users will experience the Tron Ecosystem. The Tron and BitTorrent are coming up with new features, functions, and service for users to be ready for the upcoming bullish market. As of today, BitTorrent was ranked 31st and saw a 19.42% growth, the price was $0.001627 with a market cap of  $345,154,577. The 24-hr volume at $400,501,966. The circulating supply is  212,116,500,000 BTT and total supply 990,000,000,000 BTT.

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Taklimakan Network Launches New-Look Crypto Platform Through AI and Blockchain Technology

Taklimakan Network Launches New-Look Crypto Platform Through AI and Blockchain Technology


Bitcoin Press Release:

Taklimakan Network is a crypto trading and education platform that uses AI, blockchain and social networking to provide cryptocurrency users a one-stop solution for all trading needs.

25 May, 2019, SINGAPORE –: Taklimakan.Network cryptocurrency trading platform has developed a platform that enables users to negate the need for multiple platforms, offering a unique, all-in-one experience. On average, the typical trader uses one platform for trading, another for news, and at least one social media platforms to connect with like-minded individuals to gain insight or share thoughts, market trends or ideas.

Fragmented Information Source

Cryptocurrency has a lot to offer, but one of the biggest hurdles being faced by its users is that the information source for the decentralized assets is fragmented. Cryptocurrency traders and investors must use multiple sources of information with differing degrees of service, leading to a variety of issues.

  • Communication between service users and providers is ineffective.
  • Quality of service is not up to par.
  • Lack of a universal source of information.
  • Lack of latest technology (such as artificial intelligence (AI)) use in trading.
  • A dearth of statistical data for proper crypto analysis.
  • Low level of financial knowledge among crypto enthusiasts.
  • Exhausting process of crypto trading education.

Centralizing for the Decentralized Market

Taklimakan.Network has built a wide array of services and information sources so cryptocurrency traders, investors and users do not have to worry about visiting different platforms to learn, catch on the latest cryptocurrency news, and find other traders. The platform offers:

  • News: The latest crypto news from around the world is aggregated along with current projects and crypto expert opinions and integrated in one portal.
  • Education Material: A complete library containing all the cryptocurrency related information a novice or an expert user might need.
  • Analytics: Different tools and analytical reviews of the cryptocurrency market news for better trading and investment decision.
  • Trading Tools: Signals and strategies from top traders.
  • Social Networking: Blogs and chat rooms for connecting with like-minded people.

Taklimakan Network Deployment

The Taklimakan Network is already a fully functional product, available to all users. The platform will be adding more functionalities in the near future that includes:

    • Investment Section: People will be able to showcase their projects and attract investors and project supporters.
    • Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange:
  • Freelance Cryptocurrency Exchange:
  • AI: Integration of artificial intelligence for better trading solutions.
  • Gamification: Different games for traders to unwind or be entertained.
  • Crypto Market: A cryptocurrency sale and purchase market along with a list of online shopping platforms that accept cryptocurrency payments.

About Taklimakan Network

While most other cryptocurrency platforms in development promise their users a service, Taklimakan Network already has a beta version, with full functionality just around the corner. The Taklimakan team consists of experts from various financial institutions such as Barclay’s, RBS and Russell Investment and graduates from top universities such as Cambridge.

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